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To Check the Hubris of Leaders – Uses of the Law: A Foundation for Justice and Salvation (4)

Thursday, April 21, 2011, 0:01
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To Check the Hubris of Leaders

Uses of the Law: A Foundation for Justice and Salvation (4)

Immediately an angel of the Lord struck him down, because he did not give God the glory, and he was eaten by worms and breathed his last. Acts 12:23

Few vocations seem more designed to promote hubris on the part of men than that of political office. “Power corrupts,” Lord Acton declared, and that corruption begins in the heart which becomes lifted up and filled with its own high esteem.

God, we know, is not mocked (Gal. 6:7). Just as Herod brought the judgment of God down on himself through his haughty usurpation of God’s glory, so politicians in every age have, by their hubris, invoked judgment on themselves and their nations.

Over and over in the Law God justifies His demands with the simple declaration, “I am the LORD.” By this He intended to remind Israel that, as Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer of men, His Word is final, whether or not men agree or can tease out all the rationale for it. Whenever men presume to go beyond God’s Word, or when they fail to give it full obedience, they, in effect, put themselves in God’s place and declare that they are the final arbiters of matters concerning right and wrong, truth and error.

This problem is especially pronounced when it becomes the practice of a government, for then all the citizens of the nation are led into the path of stumbling as well. Christians must not hesitate to explain to their political leaders that God is still on the job, that His Word is still in force, and He still refuses to be mocked by the prideful presumptions of sinful and disobedient men.

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