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Call To Dunkirk – Ministry Issues Call To Exit Public Schooling

Monday, December 29, 2008, 21:59
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The Evacuation of Dunkirk in World War II signaled the dramatic failure of Britain’s military, in conjunction with France’s, to stem the Nazi Blitzkrieg. It appeared that the total defeat of Western Europe was imminent. The wholesale slaughter of Britain’s army seemed inevitable.

A call went out to British populace for help. A courageous – predominantly volunteer – armada formed to rescued those in danger of imminent death. Thousands were snatched from the jaws of death to fight again for the destruction of the evil another day.

In the same spirit, the ministry Exodus Mandate is calling Christians across the US in 2009 to participate in a similar mass evacuation –  of the public schools.

Why? To deliver our children from the clutches of the predominant secularism that rules the public school system with an iron fist. Even faithful Christian educators within this system – and there are many – freely admit that their hands are tied when it comes to teaching any subject from the perspective of a Christian Worldview. The Devil demands not only equal time but pride of place.

Exodus Mandate has produced the following YouTube video to explain the issue and its urgency.


This modern “Call to Dunkirk” is likewise a call for emergency, sacrificial action by pastors, Christians, and, most importantly, parents. After all, the education of children is the responsibility of the family with the help of the Church. The state, when it exists for it’s own aggrandizement without reference to God, can only provide propaganda in the guise of education. In fact, today’s nation states even in the so-called “Free Market West” increasingly aspire to the ideals of the Communist Manifesto instead of Christian culture.

The Call is to take whatever steps are necessary to deliver our children from the public school system as quickly as possible and make sure they are receiving a Christian education instead of the continual humanist indoctrination that has passed for education for over a generation.

The “Call to Dunkirk” invokes a powerful imagery. Voddie Baucham’s work in the video is likewise excellent.  The situation IS urgent. It HAS been urgent for most of our lifetimes.

What differs from the original call was that then in World War II a plan was offered. Boats were ready; the destination known; the objective clear.

In this instance, the objective is clear but the process required for the average Christian parent to rescue their children is not.  In much of American Christianity, parents still cling to the illusion  that public education is not poisoning their children’s souls.  Their schools, they believe, are unique and immune or at least “neutral”. Some will never give up this cherished lie. Likewise many churches derive much of their income from public school teachers’ employ and will dare not risk offending the source of that income. But some feel they have no options at all. Presumably most parents who felt confident and compelled have moved to home schooling already. Most parents who felt they had the financial resources and necessary convictions, one suspects, have already placed their children in Christian schools.

Hopefully the “Call to Dunkirk”‘s educational component will go viral – that is indeed why this video is offered here. Still for those who might respond to this call and become willing to participate in this noble endeavor, no clear road map is offered. For example, many Christians whose marriages were dissolved by the State through lax, unbiblical divorce laws may have lost all or some of their parental rights. Courts may demand their children receive “public education”. What strategies might these people employ? Single parents or grandparents with guardianship may have the will but not the financial resources. How might these individuals proceed? Surely there are models those behind the “Call” have knowledge of, but they remain to be made known.

This important video deserves wide play. But it also deserves a viable strategy for implementation. Perhaps it will be offered soon… along with the support networks and information resources needed to see this vision to become a reality.

Please view the video: Call To Dunkirk Send this page to others for example. But what we’d like to know is how local congregations and individuals can implement this concept for families in common but prickly situations. Do you have experience in that field? Use the email address below to provide your ideas and solutions. We’d love to hear them and let others know about viable options.

“Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction.” Proverbs 31:8

Rev. Chuck Huckaby
Associate Editor

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I am a single, homeschooling mom. I make it work by having a home business that I started during my marriage. Where there is a will, there is always a way, especially when it comes to providing godly instruction to our children. We just have to open our eyes to the possibilities. Evelyn

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